reach communities
reach communities

GeoSpatial analytics
software solutions
API licensing


  • Make sense of your data
  • Create new predictive models
  • Tell a story
  • Make better informed strategy decisions


  • Define and target communities
  • Create execution-based initiatives to reach them
  • Optimize shared-cost marketing initiatives
  • Use heatmaps to make decisions 
  • Leverage and AWS-supported open source development framework


  • Generate community profiles
  • Quantify market penetration 
  • Utilize Point of Sale data
  • Execute print and digital media campaigns

Our story

Know your audience. The age-old saying still holds up. No matter what your objective is, knowing your audience is key to unlocking your full potential and achieving success. Need a better understanding of your clients or customers? Someone else’s customers? Reach Communities uses advanced software solutions to not only provide you with in-depth knowledge, but also to provide you with strategies to reach your targets impactfully. By leveraging technology and data to address issues ranging from optimizing media campaigns for multi-national companies to supporting not-for-profit charities, we are able to develop and implement solutions that make sense. Know your audience. Tell your story. Reach communities. 

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